Friday, 21 October 2011

Cake of the Carrot Kind.

I’m on a quest to find the best carrot cake out there. If I have one mission in life, this is it. So far, I’ve particularly enjoyed the ones mentioned below but the search must go on...

The Lime Tree Cafe in Dubai Jumeirah. Gloriously moist and fresh. Looks beautiful too. It’s been a while since I’ve bitten into it this one (1.5 years) but it’s so darn good. I bought a whole cake for a friends birthday a few years ago and it had all kinds of alcoholic beverages and insects crawling over it by the next morning. Kind of broke my heart.

Cake Boutique in London. Mustache man bought me half of this cake for my birthday this year. I even ate it in bed, for breakfast the next morning. My only complaint here is that the icing gets too hard if left over night, but it’s AMAZING the day it's bought.

Last week at Brixton village (my favourite place in London at the moment, I’ll need to dedicate an entire post to it soon. The once derelict and dodgy end of Brixton is wriggling out of its caterpillar state and getting all butterfly on us) Sweet Tooth stall we tried the carrot cake which I thought tasted a little funky (no one else agreed with me so do have a try yourself). An impromptu fashion began on while we were stuffing our faces, I’ve attached some photos for no particular reason.


  1. so yummy marooze! well appetizing pictures. ara.

  2. thanks oories. i plan on baking a carrot cake this evening. so watch this space! x