Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I'm in love again - halloumi and vegetable fajitas

El mustache has overtaken me, hands down, when it comes to innovative cooking. This summer it was vegetarian fajitas with halloumi cheese (I could live on a diet of just halloumi), roasted peppers and spicy mango salsa.

I couldn't find mangoes in my local Cooperative last night. So, we made a winter version of this delightful meal. So simple to make too!

Salsa - cherry tomatoes, chilies, limes, cucumber, peppers.
Equals tangy, sweet and delicious!

Halloumi grilled with peppers and onions, topped with crushed chillies for that added kick and 1/4 packet of Mexican salsa spices

All wrapped up in whole meal tortilla.

Deliciousness in my mouth.

This is what my plate looked like.

A very simple, innovative meal. Much recommended when you have many people over for dinner.

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