Sunday, 13 November 2011

Balham by foot

Set out to discover Balham this afternoon. The sun was out so thought we'd stroll around town.

Have discovered two local coffee/tea houses of worth.
1) Bertie and boo is a very busy coffee shop, the decor is adorable. There are school desks for tables (almost put mustache man off to sleep), lots of atmosphere and all the desserts are locally made. I indulged in a lavender and acacia honey cupcake (it had real bits of lavender in it), had bites of the banoffee muffin which was ok. The butterscotch milkshake was absolutely delicious. Only downside was that tea was not brewed (nasty old tea bags). All in all, great cosy atmosphere.

2) Lavish Habit is a cafe boutique. Basically its an accessories/clothing store crossed with a tea house. I bought these adorable gloves for my winter cycle rides. Check out the beautiful stool in here. Very classy place, breakfast looks great. Didn't get the chance to try anything here! Let me know if you have because I'm definitely venturing down here again soon

It's all about discovering London by foot. That's the lesson I learned this weekend.

Off to watch Wuthering Heights now. Tchau!

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