Monday, 14 November 2011

Sustainable taco cafe

Need to tell you about possibly the first authentic Mexican food experience I've had. We stumbled upon this no-fluff restaurant Taqueria while walking around Notting Hill on Saturday evening. Firstly, it was completely packed for 6pm on a Saturday and the decor is very simple - classic posters on the walls, plain white tables, extremely laid back. 

Started off with Bohemia beer (Brazil made me used to having this ICE COLD so I was a little disappointed by the temperature).

For our appetiser/antojitos we opted for a vegetarian dish - Botana - which is refried beans with queso fresco, guacamole, SPICY salsa (just the way I like it), pickled jalapeños and totopos. 

On to Tacos for the main meal. We ordered an assortment to share between the three of us. The waitress was very helpful and gave us recommendations. All the tacos were soft shell, my top favourites were 

  1. Pescado - beer battered Alaskan pollack, avocado mash, chipotle mayo, mexican salsa, shredded cabbage
  2. Tinga - shredded chicken in spicy chicken chipotle,onion and tomato sauce with sliced avocado
  3. and of course, Alambres, which we were told is the more typical choice of taco with grilled skirt steak and capsicums folded into melted cheese

Now I need to rave about the extra/side which I ordered - Planto frito which is sliced and fried plantain. 

This was definitely the favourite part of my meal. Having grown up in exotic West Africa, I grew up on a staple diet of plantain and this is the first time I've had sweet plantain outside of Africa. MUCH recommended for anyone who has a sweet tooth or loves plantain. I would return just for the plantain. 

I'm going to end on this note, filled myself too much on plantain so dessert was out of the question!

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