Monday, 19 December 2011

Eating breakfast (like the king)

I take breakfast very seriously. And because I was an absolute slob this weekend (Saturday night highlight was watching Home Alone Part 1 with friends and eating copious amounts of junk food), I went out for brekkie not once but TWICE. And made sure both places were less than a two minute walk from my place. Don't judge, it's (almost) Christmas. 

Brew is a tiny Turkish cafe, you will almost always find a queue here, a favourite haunt of South London cool-kids. I love this place for it's quirky menu. 
I had Turkish eggs, this is a bowl of poached eggs on a bed of hung yoghurt, seasoned with garlic butter and chilies. Served with toasted pide bread.

Mustache opted for toasted banana bread with greek yoghurt and pistachios on the side.   
The smoothies here are great - I had the spurulina with apple juice and banana smoothie.

Tamra is a casual diner, popular for it's breakfast. My favourite things about this joint are:
a) the relaxed atmosphere
b) you can have pancakes with eggs and syrup. A massive breakfast fan, I am always faced with the dilemma of choosing between eggs vs. pankcaes. You can have both here. It's terrific
c) they serve hot chocolate with whipped cream. I know many places do this but I just had this yesterday so let me rant about it, enjoy and drooling over the photo 

I can't wait to go home and have breakfast, Lahore - the land of parathas and sweet milky chai. Expect a breakfast report from Pakistan soon! 

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