Thursday, 15 December 2011

Polpo, at long last

I FINALLY got into Russel Norman's much hyped restaurant Polpo on Beak Street. After being rejected on several occasions. On the fateful day we were resolute to show up at 5.30pm, when the doors open. To our surprise the restaurant was already packed and we were asked to wait at the bar for a few minutes. Despite my crankiness about being rejected from this establishment so many times, I need to give kuddos to the no-booking policy (a refreshing change for a London restaurant). Apparently Russel has based the concept of this restaurant on cicheti - the small plates of food found in Venice's backstreet bacari, where locals eat their lunch standing up at the bar, with a small glass of wine. 

I'm not going to go into detail about the food here (lovely small plates of food) because I feel that the experience that needs to be highlighted, and the reason why people flock here is the atmosphere and the vibe.
Beware, the plates may be small, but the bill will be approximately £40 a head for ample food and drink.
Need to try Russel's new restaurant Mishkin soon - it's an Italian cafe slash Jewish deli and boy, do I heart salt beef.
The end.

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