Sunday, 20 November 2011

Gobbling diaries

Sunday night blues, time to contemplate upon the food that's been consumed over the past few days.

I'm going to start with dessert. Because that's the way god intended it (am a massive fan of dessert before main course).

Firstly - I have to give it to the wonderful Ottolenghi for it's innovative streak when it comes to paring flavours together. My friend had a do at his place on Saturday night and picked up vanilla and rose cupcakes from the Islington branch of the deli-style restaurant. The cake itself - brilliant texture, film and dense with the perfect amount of crumble. The icing is nice and thick, embellished with vanilla pods and a distinct taste of rose water which reminds me of Persian food (yum).

Moving on to savory food, visited one of my favorite south Indian establishments in Croydon - Chennai Dosa. Don't expect anything fancy. The place is reasonably spiced, has brilliant service and is a very authentic experience. I recommend the masala dosa (large flat bread with potatoes and condiments), paneer mirchi (cottage cheese cooked in chinese inspired munchurian sauce) and idly (rice flour bread in spicy red sauce). They even have a buffet option if you want to try a variety of foods.

Now, I love courgette fries and have taken the initiative to order them at two separate restaurants on the same day - yes it was a big pig-out day. Byrons has a crumblier texture and the courgette is sliced in long thick chunks. The Pizza East (big fan of this chilled out pizza joint in East London) variety is deep fried, much like tempura, the courgette is completely lost in the batter. Complete fail. All that said, metro pizza and polpo courgette fries which I tried in another life still live on in my memory - crispy and thinly spiced wins hands down.

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